Vulkamin (Rockdust)

25 kilo Afl. 63.00 (incl. OB)

05 kilo Afl. 15.00 (incl. OB)


Hariña di Piedra Préhistoriko i Granulato

Vulkamin ta un hariña di piedra ku ta konsistí di partinan masha chiki, i ta riku na mineralnan i elementonan di rasko. Pesei nan ta us’é hopi den agrikultura i hortikultura i pa diferente aplikashon.

Por usa Vulkamin den krio di bestia pa drecha e higiena den kurá di bestia.
Vulkamin ta mara e amoniak ku ta sali di e mèst i e tin un efekto fuerte di opreshon  di bakteria den stal (kaminda bestia ta drumi).
Ademas Vulkamin no ta agresivo pa e pechu di baka.
Vulkamin tin e kalidat fuerte di apsorbé pa kual e ambiente den e stal ta drecha konsiderabelmente.
E ta disminuí e kantidat di muskita, mientrastantu ku e mèst ta keda enrikesé ku mineralnan i elementonan di rasko.


  • Pa supstituí kalki den stal (kaminda bestia ta drumi).
  • Poder apsorbente haltu di humedat.
  • Mineralnan ta bin den tera via di e mèst.
  • No mas pechu di baka seku i sensitivo.

Aplikashon i Kantidat

Riba tereno – 500 kilo pa ha
Den kòmpòst – 10 kilo pa m3
Fèlt di yerba – 500 gram pa m2
Stal / Kurá di bestia – 250 gram pa m2                          

  • Por us’é durante henter aña.

Análisis di elementonan nutritivo


Elemento  i  Peso (%)

Kalsio – 8.3
Kalio – 5.1
Magnesio – 1.0
Fosfáto – 0.2
Swafel – 0.1

Elementonan di rasko i Peso(%)

Heru  – 4.1
Titáno – 0.4
Mangáno – 0.2
Senk – 760*
Koper – 11.5*
Molybdeno – 9.0*
Kobalt – 6.5*
Borium – 0.1*
Silicium – 48.2
Natrium – 5.9



Prehistoric Rock Meal

Vulkamin® consists of finely ground phonolite, a silicate rock of volcanic origin, which is alkali-rich. Naturally rich in nutrients, trace elements and soluble silicic acids and its mineralogical peculiarity is that it contains zeolites, which are special hollow part minerals. Thanks to the very finely ground elements Vulkamin® has large active surfaces and is thus effective even in small quantities.

Vulkamin is the naturally active “antiseptic” cubicle bedding powder, and is rapidly becoming the preferred bedding powder used in animal husbandry.

Used as a bedding powder the benefits of Vulkamin® go far further in enriching the soil with nutrients, trace elements and other useful elements in a well balanced proportion which is fundamental to healthy balanced plant nutrition. Contributing to the farm sustainability by reducing fertilizer costs.
It balances the “loss of calcium” by its alkaline effect and stabilizes the soil at a favorable pH level – an important condition for good availability of nutrients, intact soil life and a good soil structure.
It is rich in soluble silicic acid which is directly absorbable for plants and strengthens their resistance to fungal disease and other harmful organisms – the use of chemical-synthetic fungicides can thus be reduced.

Particular characteristics:

  • Natural richness in nutrients and trace elements
  • Extraordinarily high content of zeolites and soluble silicic acid
  • Fast drying capacity
  • Disinfects naturally preventing cross contamination and infection (mastitis)
  • Improves and maintains the hygiene of the cubicles.
  • Kill time less than 15 minutes
  • The pH rises by 2 points within 10 minutes
  • Soft texture, non abrasive for teats
  • Reduces the loss of nitrogen
  • Reduction of flies


Application and Quantity

On pasture – 500 kg per hectare
For compost – 10 kilo per m3
Lawns – 500 gram per m2
Animal husbandry- 250 gram per m2

  • Vulkamin can be applied throughout the year