EM Bokashi Starter Set

Preis di introdukshon / Introduction price Afl. 156.50 (incl. 6% OB)


2 Hèmber  + 2 kg Bokashi starter

Pa promové resiklahe, plantashon orgániko i kuido di nos planeta, nos ta ofresé un pakete di hèmber di Bokashi na un preis speshal.


Nos ta di opinion ku kada un di nos por asumí responsabilidat pa
nos medio ambiente i nos salú.

Den e kuadro ei uso di e hèmber di Bokashi pa resiklá resíduo di kushina,
ta brinda un posibilidat úniko pa
Stimulá i Kumpli ku nos propósito di bida di
Kuida Mama Tera.

2 Buckets  + 2 kg Bokashi starter

To promote recycling, organic growing and caring for planet Earth, we have a Bokashi Starter Set promotion at a very special price.


We believe that each one of us has the responsibility to care for
our environment and health.
In relations to that the use of the Bokashi Bucket for recycling kitchen waste is a unique possibility to Stimulate and Fulfill our life purpose of
Caring for Mother Earth.