Agri Groei

1/4 liter Afl. 15.00 (incl. 6% OB)

1 liter Afl. 36.00 (incl. 6% OB)



Agri Groei

Ta un líkido homeopátiko pa mata, ku 20 elemento di rasko biológiko aktivo. Pa bèrdura, flor, palu di fruta, mata, fèlt di yerba i hidro-kultura.


Usa 1 dòpi riba 10 liter di awa.

Agrigroei ta hopi bon pa germiná simia (= laga simia brota).
Simia ta germiná / brota mas lihé i mas tantu.
Den e kaso aki, no mester lant’é na awa òf usa solamente den e proporshon di 1 agrigroei : 1 awa.
Laga e simianan para 1 ora den e líkido i despues por sembra nan.



Agri Groei

For vegetables, flowers, fruit shrubs, trees, lawns and hydro-cultures.
It is homeopathic health product for plants with 20 biologically active micro-nutrients.



Usage: 1 cap on 10 liters of water.

Agri-Groei is also a very good germ product.
Seeds will not only germinate faster but also more often.
At germination do not dilute Agri-growth or merely 1 on 1 with water. Leave the seeds for one hour in the Agri-growth liquid and afterwards sow.