Recycling & Art

May 18, 2014 | Curacao Culture & Heritage


There are many forms to contribute to sustainable consciousness.Bowl blenchi hugo
Recycling is worldwide one of the most mentioned practices, namely recycling plastic, waste water, aluminum cans, composting and much more.
EMCuraçao promotes recycling of kitchen and garden waste, husbandry waste, septic tankwater, and restoration of nature.
In Hawaii, Honolulu Zoo, practices the concept NO WASTE with EM intensively with much success.
No waste is also a concept that we can practice creatively on our beautiful island.

We like to introduce to you recycling as an art of expressing and strengthening the inner connection with the self and nature. This is what our friend and neighbor Hugo Sjak Shie does as a hobby in his days of retirement. We are referring to woodturning as a very attractive way of recycling combined with composting.

We encourage this practice as it also enhances the reverence to nature and gives a contribution to a more sustainable consciousness.

Please visit his website www.paluarte.weebly.comfor more information.