Promoting Curaçao Culture and Heritage

Aug 23, 2013 | Curacao Culture & Heritage

It’s our aim to promote friends and relatives that gives a specific contribution to our beautiful island, Curaçao.

The criteria we use to promote their undertaken are mostly based on their intention and the quality of their effort supporting the process of creating a sustainable community.

  • We consider that they are aligning their project with the fifth dimensional energy of nowadays changes.
  • To us they were called upon to be part of our group of earth angels supporting this community incognito in this era of transition.
  • They are supporting the youth in an exceptional way especially in this modern time of so much technological distraction.
  • They always consider the interconnectedness of all life, and are supporting Mother Earth with their endeavors like recycling and re-using secondary materials.
  • They believe that living interdependently is an essential part of creating a harmonious and sustainable environment.
  • They are creating and exploring alternatives and actively working for social and environmental balance.
  • They undertake initiatives to heal the relationship between people and nature, and keep our island in trust for future generations.
  • They can be performing different arts, having a life enhancing project and always practicing serenity and simplicity as a lifestyle.