Parke Tropikal Curacao Zoo & Nature

May 9, 2014 | Photos & Video

Dia 7 di mei 2014 EMCuraçao a kuminsá ku un proyekto pa sostené Parke Tropikal den kreá un parke mas higiéniko, salú i sostenibel/duradero pa e habitantenan, trahadónan i e bishitantenan. Gerensha a skohé pa kuminsá ku e kara di Parke, ku ta netamente e habitat di King, e leon.

Nos a apliká EM-A /Microferm pa limpia kouchinan i tambe pa duna King un bon baño.

Tabata un eksperensha úniko ku a duna un resultado satisfaktorio.  Nos di EMCuraçao ta sigi monitor e proyekto.


On May 7th EMCuraçao started a pilot project for a hygienic, healthier and sustainable park for both the inhabitants and the visitors. We started with the cages the lion, King. 
The use of EM-A to clean up his cage gave excellent results. Within minutes, yes within minutes, bad odor disappeared.  We also scrubbed the floors. 
Afterwards it was King’s turn; he had an EM-A bath/shower which was a heavenly gift for his skin.
Danilo, the zookeeper, also provided EM ceramics in his water to improve his overall health. 
At the end King posed on his “stage” with brave face. 

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