The Nature of Man

Sep 3, 2012 | Our relationships / our nature

“When people lose their connection to “nature”, they lose the connection to their “own nature”.

human jointsThe purpose of this rubric is to share with our fellow men relevant issues and suggestions related to the relationship between men and Mother Earth. This aim has to create fertile ground for altering consciousness and awareness in the interest of environmental and health support for the people of Curaçao.

Formerly our local people had a more extensive and conscious relationship with the land.
For instance:
a. Our elder inhabitants really felt when there will be rainfall or upcoming badly weather circumstances. Many interpreted the weather characteristics from the behavior of the animals nearby.
b. When the elders cut the cacti to make a fence for their property, they chose the day and moment to cut according to the position of the moon. If not, the cacti will not survive the surgery and die.

The way men are designed corresponds in multiple aspects with the nature of our planet Earth. If we consider some aspects we will recognize the examples given. From geographic studies we know that planet Earth consists of 13 mayor tectonic plates ( If we consider the human skeleton we can observe that there are 13 mayor joints (see fig). We can confirm the same if we consider the back of a tortoise; it has also 13 mayor plates. We also have 13 moons within a year cycle.
Is it remarkable to acknowledge that the number 13 has so many similarities within our earthly existence?
To us it is not a coincidence that the Maya calendar consists of 13 months of 28 days.

Another very important information is that man consists of different parts, in particular: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, mineral, and vegetal. In relation to Mother Earth we can identify and recognize all these aspects if we are really connected to our planet Earth.

turtle shellIt is due to this knowledge and wisdom that our ancestors, namely civilization like the Maya, Hopi, Anasazi, Aboriginals and others always had and still have so much reverence, honor and respect for Mother Earth. The main reason is that they were able to recognize and appreciate all that Mother Earth was reflecting to them, within themselves.

A great wise man, “Grandfather”, a native from North America could not understand the white civilization that occupied their territory. He considered that they were destroying and polluting their sacred land. He couldn’t cope with the lack of respect and honor for Earth Mother.
After years of struggling with the behavior of the white men, Grandfather stated: “We are all part of the Earth Mother, and whatever we do, whatever we take, we are taking and affecting, in reality, part of ourselves”.
He once said: “We are caretakers”. This means that we are created to be the appropriate beings to care for Mother Earth.

In this era we are becoming aware of the way our “modern” men has treated Mother Earth. Our behavior brought us to a point where nature itself activated a process of change. Now men are becoming more and more aware of the consequences of their actions. For instance environmental and health care are now big issues.

This process definitely forced us to care more for Mother Earth.

To unite people in this noble act we need prophets and teachers to enlighten the masses and point to a new direction. Re/education is a must in this era of transition. This is the main purpose of this website.

In Love Praise and Gratitude