To promote a sustainable consciousness we offer different type of lecture, workshops, consultancy and counseling assistance.

Our background of education in regularly type of schooling combined with our decades long practice of alternative innovative way of enhancing life, allows us to tap in into any situation that need support.
The urban shamanic principles underlie our approach. We approach life in a way of acknowledging and with reverence to the subtle energies of nature, to restore the interrelationships that became fragmented over the years.

Like we said before, we truly believe that if one human being can relate with his/her true nature which is nature itself, the restoration will follow. That’s healing from inside out.

Allow us to stir up that inner urge to heal one self and our community.

In Love Praise and Gratitude


In Lak ‘ech Ala K’in

Mitakuye Oyasin



Om Namaha Shivaya