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Sandovar & Naninavi

Sandovar & Rina

We have accepted that our journey of being supportive to humanity has been evolving for eons of time.
This time it all started when two schoolteachers met in 1992. The remembrance of our former lives together triggered the purpose we met on the beautiful island of Curaçao. From here our visits to places we remembered like Chichén Itza, Machu Picchu, Tikal, Palenque and others, fortified the need to explore and have a deeper understanding our life purpose.

What is EM?

EM® is the abbreviation for Effective Micro-Organisms.
EM® is a combination of useful regenerated micro-organisms that exist freely in nature and are not manipulated in any way.
This mixture, a composition of prof. Dr. Teruo Higa a Japanese scientist, increases the natural resistance of soil, plants, water, humans, and animals.
EM® considerably improves the quality and fertility of soil as well as the growth and quality of crops.